Continuous Air & Surface Pathogen Reduction


CASPR is not an air filter – it works by using a proprietary, natural catalytic process that reacts with the water molecules found in the air everywhere, to continuously create highly effective oxidizing molecules. These molecules are delivered at safe levels to all surfaces. This technology continuously reduces the level of dangerous pathogens, without using irritating disinfectants or dangerous UV light. It is not harmful to humans, pets or plants, and is completely safe for use in an occupied space.

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Up to 99.9% kill rate
of viruses on surfaces

Runs 24/7 without an operator or chemicals

Safe, discreet
and silent


CASPR Compact

CASPR Compact is the mobile version of CASPR’s Pro technology. A plug and play solution designed for ease of use and portability, just turn it on and it’s ready for continuous, 24/7 use. The unit comes in one size and has adjustable settings that effectively cover from 250 to 1,500 square feet. A remote control is included to allow for easy adjustments to your unit.

CASPR Compact is ideal for classrooms and admin environments where it is not feasible to install in the HVAC system. A combination of CASPR Compact devices can be used to cover greater than 1,500 square feet.


CASPR Pro is duct-mounted and easily installed into your existing HVAC ducts and run continuously without an operator. CASPR Pro units come in a variety of sizes – 400, 1000, 2500, or 5000 square feet. Any combination can be configured to optimally cover your home or facility.

Our team will work with you to review your HVAC plans and determine the best combination of units for your space.  Installation can typically be done by the purchaser or an HVAC professional.

On-Demand Webinar

In this 30 minute research briefing, Kevin Baird – Chairman at the non-profit Center for College & Career Readiness, talks about elements of advanced continous air and surface pathogen reduction and shows you NASA developed sanitization and disinfection technology. This effective protection, sanitization and disinfection techonolgy is Contiuous, Active, Safe, Easy to use, and will provide a return of  a more normal level of activity inside your classrooms.