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Turn-key Services from Space Design and Optimization, Environment Orientation, Post-Occupancy Configuration, and High Impact Learning Experience Training & Consultation.

Certified Learning Spaces

Which spaces meet your needs? Discover the standards for High Impact Learning Environments (2:21)

The Power of Neuroscience

How can we measure student engagement in real-time? Discover the world’s first brain-based immersion analytics (1:10)

Experts in Learning Engagement 

How can classroom design drive student engagement? Meet the experts (1:11)

Research-based Learning Environments

How can science improve classroom design? The nerds know (1:00)

Recent Projects

District: Volusia County School: Atlantic High School Environment: Media Center Impact Level: Level 3

District: Horry County School: St. James Intermediate Environment: Learning Commons Impact Level: Level 4

District: Hutto ISD School: Howard Norman Elementary Environment: Entire School Impact Level: Level 5