Imagine the peace of mind you’ll have when you build your ideal,
Instructionally-Sound Learning Environment™ within your budget.

We are your trusted guide to get you there.

More than just an attractive space, Instructionally-Sound Learning Environments™ align your learning goals with your space. Meteor Education’s collaborative design process with an educational voice and focus is the bridge to an optimal space where teachers activate learning and students come alive in discovery.

From a single classroom to an entire district
Our complement of services can help you at any stage of your educational transformation. Whether you need to furnish a single classroom or complete a district – wide modernization, Meteor Education’s experts are here to help your vision become a reality

Create Learning Environments

Interior Design Included
Turn-key Solutions
200+ Suppliers
On-site Orientation
Media Center, Cafeteria and Classrooms

Create Learning Experiences

Collaborative Conversation
Inquiry-based Learning (K-16)
CTE, STEM, Coding
High Impact Inclusion
Measure Student Engagement

Create Learning Cultures

District-wide Environmental Survey
Establish Design Standards
Modernization Planning
Zero Landfill Impact/Recycling
Long-range Equity Planning

“Meteor made it super easy. Having experienced designers
was so helpful, and they have lots of experience doing this….
It was very much a collaborative process.”

-Mary Beth Isaacson, Librarian 3
Starkey Ranch Theatre Library Cultural Center, Pasco County, Fl