Humanizing the Education Machine Thinking Guide

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Humanizing the Education Machine: Thinking Guide tackles tough issues head-on, providing insight for a “small group” that is committed to changing education. This guide is a companion to the Humanizing the Education Machine book.

The Thinking Guide takes the ideas from the book and allows you to personalize them for your own communities, schools, classrooms and teaching goals. The Thinking Guide provides a path for a team of 4-6 individuals to follow in order to discover the reasons why schools succeed and why so many schools continue to fall behind.

The Thinking Guide is divided into chapters that correspond with the chapters in the book. Most chapters include:

  • A short summary of the corresponding chapter
  • Team Tasks for your team to complete together
  • A list of individual questions educators can answer and practice in their own classrooms, aligned to their own teaching styles

Ultimately, the best practice is to wrap these layers through a school or district-wide initiative for change, practicing with whole groups, small teams and the individual educator. This is how culture is transformed and how you can begin to impact the education machine.

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