Humanizing the Education Machine

The Release of Humanizing the Education Machine

It’s 2016. Tesla has introduced vehicles with autopilot. Amazon gave us a personal assistant that can re-order dog food without ever touching a computer, or anything else for that matter. More than a billion people carry a device in their pockets that was only conceivable in sci-fi movies and yet your kids still sit in the same desks you sat in, using the same curriculum and methods that have been around for half a century.

Our education system is in need of radical change that can only start with a mindshift. For more than two years over 60 teachers, community leaders, professionals, and kids roamed the country, dedicating themselves to researching what makes a healthy and thriving learning community and what core principles could be understood from looking at these stories of success. The result of that effort is Humanizing the Education Machine: How to Create Schools That Turn Disengaged Kids Into Inspired Learners.

This book tells of countless stories, describing what engaged learning looks like and how others have brought dynamic learning experiences to their schools and communities. And the authors tell that very human story with passion, humor, and humility. The reader will see how the Gutenberg Revolution, which created a transforming model for learning, is now superseded by an equally transforming Google revolution. This is a manifesto for those ready to take action and a manual for leading your school or district from Gutenberg to Google. The journey will restore what makes learning uniquely human and relevant for an era of unpredictable and cataclysmic change.

Bill Latham of MeTEOR Education worked closely with primary author Rex Miller to gather this diverse group of thought leaders and key stakeholders in tackling one of the biggest issues our world faces- how to prepare the next generation for the challenges they will face. MeTEOR Education is committed to bringing real hope to children and educators everywhere through education design. Humanizing the Education Machine offers practical steps any stakeholder can take to bring effective change to their community.

Humanizing the Education Machine is now available to be purchased through Amazon, Books-A-Million, Goodreads, Walmart, Wiley and many more. To download a 20 page comic about this project and the future of education visit