Teachers that Inspire Us: #ThankATeacher

Every day, in schools across the United States, we have the privilege of working with some amazing teachers. Every community is different. Every school district is different. Teachers in North Dakota face a different set of challenges than teachers in Florida. Along our journey, however, we’ve discovered that there are a couple of underlying similarities that most teachers share:

Teachers love their students.

Most care more about their student’s success than they do their own. We’ve seen so many teachers dig into the personal lives of their students, make connections, and develop lasting relationships. These relationships go beyond academics, they are personal. Thank you for loving our students.

Teachers are courageous.

They aren’t afraid to ask the deeper questions when it comes to reaching a child. Some face challenges that seem insurmountable to most, yet they show up to their classrooms every day determined to make a difference.

This week we have an opportunity to #ThankATeacher so we asked MeTEORites, teachers and students to, “name one teacher that made a difference in your life.” Below are their answers.