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In this Leader to Leader discussion with Kevin Baird, Chairman at the Center for College & Career Readiness, he discusses the emerging best practices for Hybrid Learning Environments and equips you with the tools you need to succeed.

Re-opening schools means re-imagining the spaces in our school buildings and our approach to teaching and learning.
Kevin Baird, Chairman at the Center for College & Career Readiness, Dr. Page Dettmann, Chief Education Evangelist at MeTEOR and an accredited learning environment planner, and Russ Nagel, Executive Vice President of Corporate Operations for MeTEOR Education, review the research – the intersection of environmental science and pedagogy – as we consider how we open schools safely while preserving collaborative, effective teaching and learning.

In this research-driven presentation from the author of the new book Whole: What Teachers Need to Help Students Succeed, Kevin Baird, Chairman at the non-profit Center for College & Career Readiness, presents provocative data from the FBI on real-world crisis response, examines school preparedness which begins with social emotional literacy, and provides practical and pragmatic solutions that are budget-friendly and inspire confidence.

As Districts across America begin opening schools or considering distance learning for their students, they must consider their approach to teaching and learning. Schools need to recognize that today’s Generation Z/ iGen think and feel differently than past generations in order to maintain student engagement! You are invited to attend an hour session that will unlock the power of authentic student engagement in order to break the mold of traditional learning experiences. Join Sue Ann Highland, PhD, as she helps you to understand the characteristics of Generation Z and strategies associated with their unique needs.

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