Powerful Relationships

Strong student-teacher relationships can make a world of difference.

You know it when you see it – a strong sense of mutual respect that creates a close and collaborative partnership between teacher and student. This kind of relationship changes everything. Students are encouraged, supported, and engaged so they are able to do their best work and reach their full potential. And teachers are happy and motivated by their students’ success. It’s a win-win situation that creates an infinite loop of positive feedback.

Meteor Modernization Method

M3 – At its core, education is a human experience, the quality of which depends greatly on the nature of the teacher-student relationship. When both the teacher and the student are treated with respect and dignity, learning is transformed from a simple transfer of information into an impassioned pursuit of deeper understanding. Inquiry-based lessons and collaborative environments directly improve this relationship by respecting the teacher’s role as an expert coach, and the student’s role as a valuable contributor.


EmPower Relationships Design Studio

Innovation to Engage and Empower Faculty

Our design studio approach connects your thinking with our experts in teaching methods, classroom environments, tool integration, and teacher-student relationships. Together, we explore solutions to your needs, by design.

Our experts will help you:

  • Uncover challenges in student and teacher engagement with school priorities
  • Evaluate the connections between key indicators like student discipline, teacher turnover, and test scores
  • Connect the metrics to actual instructional practice and environmental realities
  • Translate findings into experiences and spaces that are purposefully designed to improve engagement and strengthen relationships


Meteor Metric

Measuring Beyond-the-Bell Engagement

Students and teachers who are equally engaged, motivated, and inspired by their work and their learning environment are substantially more likely to linger longer after class.

“In a survey of 10,500 students more than three-quarters reported that at least one teacher strongly disliked them or treated them unfairly. Strong, positive relationships between students and teachers are the first step in learning. A caring environment is critical for learning readiness.”
– Linda Dove, MEd, Chief Academic Officer
Center for College & Career Readiness