Inspired Learners

When your students are inspired. Anything is possible.

You can feel the energy in a classroom of inspired learners. When kids are fully engaged in the learning process, they are turned on and tuned in. They are active participants in every part of the experience – asking questions, questioning outcomes, and making discoveries. This is the kind of classroom you want for your students.

Meteor Modernization Method

M3 – Students are inspired when they are engaged in authentic inquiry — the study of interesting problems that are chosen by the student and explored deeply and thoroughly through a variety of active learning experiences. This student-directed, teacher-aided approach is a powerful tool that can transform students’ understanding of their world and their role in it.

Learn how to turn bored kids into inspired learners

Inspired Learners Design Studio

Innovation to Engage Students by Design

Our design studio approach connects your thinking with our experts in teaching methods, classroom environments, tool integration, and relationship development. Together, we explore solutions to your needs, by design.

Our experts will help you:

  • Design innovative lesson plans and teaching strategies
  • Support authentic, student-driven, inquiry-based learning experiences
  • Create collaborative, real-world environments

Learn how to turn bored kids into inspired learners

Meteor Metric

Measuring Beyond-the-Bell Engagement

Inspired learners are so deeply and personally involved in meaningful problem solving that they linger longer after class, not wanting to abandon the learning experience.

“Giving learners the opportunity to collaborate through authentic inquiry around complex problems they care about inspires them to engage in rigorous thinking through interactive dialogue to discover, solve problems, and innovate. ”
– Dr. Page Dettmann
Chief Education Evangelist