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Meet The Team

David Kinley

Executive General Manager

Ann Kitten

Managing Director

Jordan Lockhart

Director of Growth Strategy

Veronica Pohl

Learning Environment Specialist

Kim Madewell

Learning Environment Specialist

Amber Cisneros

Project Manager

Celesta Wehrle

Project Manager

Rebecca McEntire

Project Manager

Daniel Bringle

Project Manager

Michelle Taft

Project Coordinator

Jonvea Johnson

Project Coordinator

Brittany Fuller

Interior Designer

Bethany Phillips

Interior Designer

LindaGail Walker

Instructional Designer

Why Work With Us?

Methods that Work

We believe in a humanized approach to education. Our Learning Experience team provides on-site training customized to your learning objectives. With MeTEOR Connect you gain access to performance tasks and webinars on your schedule.

  • Research-based Approach
  • Coaching & Training Services (on-site & off-site)
  • Active Teaching & Learning Method

Tools that Inspire

Innovation is part of our DNA. From our MeTEOR Connect platform to Virtual Reality webinars and training we continue to push the envelope of possibilities to provide the very best solutions digitally and in person.

  • VR Webinars & Training
  • Integrated Technology & Learning Tools
  • MeTEOR Connect

Environments that Support

The modern classroom requires flexibility as teachers engage in multiple modalities, meeting the needs of each child. A great environment is found at the intersection of world-class design and strategic utility.

  • World-class Interior Design
  • A&D Strategic Partnerships
  • High-Impact Learning Environments

Relationships that Grow

Relationships drive everything we do and we care deeply for all children and educators. MeTEOR builds relationships that connect the dots for the schools and districts we serve.

  • Schools & Districts
  • Parents & Students
  • Manufacturing Partners