MeTEOR Education Helps Discovery Elementary School Transform

MeTEOR Education Helps Discovery Elementary School Transform Classrooms to Support New Instructional Pedagogies and Student-led Classes

Working with MeTEOR Education, Discovery Elementary School channeled its problem-solving motto into high-impact learning environments for improved student success and 21st Century instructional methods

Gainesville, FL, Oct. 30, 2017 – As the lines between the science of learning and the space where that learning takes place continue to blur, institutions like Discovery Elementary School are turning to MeTEOR Education to help transform their traditional classrooms into high-impact learning spaces. A leading educational services partner, MeTEOR helps K-12 schools transform themselves into bright, open, inviting places where students are excited to learn.

To increase collaboration and student engagement across its five learning commons, Discovery Elementary School of Grand Forks, N.D., set out to create a flexible learning environment in which students can work with all teachers within their respective grade levels. Within the school, each grade level incorporates classroom teams centered around a collaborative learning space and utilizes a student-led approach. Students are no longer tied to “one classroom, one teacher.”

This transformation has helped to improve the students’ sense of ownership over their learning and develop future-ready skills. Working with MeTEOR, the school added 21st Century furniture, equipment, and technology to its physical location. “MeTEOR put together a nice package that allows for a lot of flexibility, seating types, and room arrangements,” said Grand Forks Public Schools Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning, Jody Thompson. “These elements all fit perfectly with the changes in instruction over the last 10 to 15 years.”

First-grade teacher Michelle Gregoire enjoys the fact that Discovery Elementary School is now a bright, open space where students want to come to school and learn. “There’s this vibe when you walk into school,” said Gregoire. “Our students are trying new things and teachers are encouraging them to think ‘outside’ of what school used to be just five years ago. It’s exciting.”

By helping Discovery Elementary School blend its own problem-solving philosophy together with a vision that was deeply rooted in “everyone’s a teacher, everyone’s a student,” MeTEOR helped the institution create a collaborative environment that supports new instructional pedagogies and student-led classes.
“On any given day, when you walk through the halls, students are standing, sitting, working with a teacher, and/or working in small groups,” said Parkinson. “MeTEOR helped recognize how that can all fit together in a school system.”

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