LACOE Green Schools Symposium Resources

Thank you for joining us at LACOE Green Schools Symposium. Below is a list of resources you can use to help you plan and implement outdoor learning environments. Simply click on the resource to access it.

Meteor Education - Outdoor Learning Environments Resource Guide

This guide has practical tips, frameworks, and research-based practices to implement outdoor learning environments for increased student engagement.

Theory to Practice Handout

This resource provided by the Los Angeles County Office of Education has tips to consider before going outside and lesson plan ideas.

Outdoor Education – Research Summary

This article is a summary of research on outdoor education and includes links to other research papers on outdoor education

Avoiding Pitfalls in Outdoor Education

Teaching outside doesn’t have to be scary. This guide will help you think ahead and plan for outdoor teaching

Research Article: Impacts of Outdoor Environmental Education

This research article is about the impacts of outdoor environmental education on teacher reports of attention, behavior, and learning outcomes for students with emotional, cognitive, and behavioral disabilities.

Research Article: Curriculum-based outdoor learning for children aged 9-11

This research article is a qualitative analysis of pupils’ and teachers’ views

Now available for preorder:

Surviving the Storm: Leading Through Post-Traumatic Growth

Rex Miller and LindaGail Walker

A global pandemic. Social unrest. Economic instability. American society is going through unprecedented disruptions that reverberate through every home and every institution. Isolation and anxiety have bred distrust and division. In many places, schools are a lightning rod for rage that threatens to tear our communities apart. Surviving the Storm is essential reading for educators and administrators traumatized by the overwhelming demands placed on them at this strategic crossroads in our history. Through their research, Rex Miller and LindaGail Walker offer insight into the leader’s journey from disillusionment and despair to possibilities and hope. Leaders will find Surviving the Storm a comprehensive guide for their journey to post-traumatic recovery and growth, toward a future of renewed confidence, healthy community, and educational excellence.

360 Learning with Meteor Education

Meteor Education also offers learning resources for those on the front lines in classrooms all over the world. Click the link below to explore those resources.