Free Copy of Humanizing the Education Machine

Education in the U.S. has been under fire for quite some time, and for good reason. The numbers alone tell a very disconcerting story: according to various polls, 70% of teachers are disengaged. Add to that the fact that the United States ranks last among industrialized nations for college graduation levels, and it’s evident there’s a huge problem that needs to be addressed. Yet the current education system and its school buildings—with teachers standing in front of classrooms and lecturing to students—have gone largely unchanged since the 19th century.

Humanizing the Education Machine tackles this tough issue head-on. It describes how the education system has become ineffective by not adapting to fit students’ needs, learning styles, perspectives, and lives at home. This book explains how schools can evolve to engage students and involve parents. It serves to spread hope for reform and equip parents, educators, administrators, and communities to:

  • Analyze the pitfalls of the current U.S. education system
  • Intelligently argue the need to reform the current landscape of education
  • Work to make a difference in the public education system
  • Be an informed advocate for your child or local school system

If you’re a concerned parent or professional looking for a trusted resource on the need for education reform, look no further than Humanizing the Education Machine. This illuminating resource provides the information you need to become a full partner in the new human-centered learning revolution.

* Promotion is by MeTEOR invitation only, and limits complimentary copies to five per school district. Offer available while supplies last.

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