The Airborne Transmission of COVID19 is a Real Risk

Our line of commercial-grade air purifiers captures airborne germs, allergens and odors, resulting in a healthier environment. And that means improved attendance—and could mean higher test scores.




Complete Germ Protection

Complement existing hand sanitization, handwashing programs, daily surface cleaning, and air cleaning to remove the harmful viruses and germs that students and staff inhale.

Protect Against Cold & Flu

Students are more likely to contract the flu from the air. AeraMax Professional captures airborne germs and viruses to help protect students from getting sick and becoming absent.

Improved Concentration & Performance

Improved indoor air quality increases productivity and improves mental tasks such as concentration and recall in both adults and children.


Support Sustainability

AeraMax Professional removes harmful airborne contaminants from the air without the usage of harsh chemicals, solutions, or toxins. Smart technology minimizes electricity consumption and extends filter life.