Zero Landfill Reuse/Recycling

We’re building environments for future learners, and preserving our natural environment for future generations.

MeTEOR Education is an exclusive provider of zero-landfill reuse / recycle programs.

When you include the GREENzero option as part of your project, everybody wins!

Your School

We’ll send a press release and a video link that you can share with your local community, school board and media to tell the story of your commitment to the environment and future generations.

Your Community

The furnishings, fixtures, and other usable materials that are removed as part of your projects are donated to poor schools across the United States and around the world.  There is ZERO IMPACT to your community landfill.  Plastics, metals, paint, chemicals and hard-to-biodegrade materials are put to use, not left to rot.

Kids and Teachers… Everywhere 

From American First Nations Schools with the Bureau of Indian Education, to poor rural schools across the United States, and impoverished schools and community centers in developing countries.. your modernization effort brings next-generation learning to your students and updates the classrooms and school environments for teachers and kids on a global scale.

Low Cost / High Impact

For the same cost as removal and dumping – and a much lower cost to the environment – we remove your usable materials, transport and deliver them to schools in need.  Save money AND help your local environment.

Here’s a Cool Video of an actual GREENzero REUSE Project!  We’d like to make one celebrating YOUR commitment to Planet Earth!

EMAIL: to get info.  Go Earth, Go!  We’ve Got This!