MeTEOR’s Full House Service was created to bring our expertise as storytellers, marketeers and Learning Environment Specialists to drive the design, installation, and fulfillment of your school. We create customized deliverables to capture your unique story, establish resources and timelines that fit your growth model, and develop your vision into actionable planning. Our service is geared towards increasing student enrollment by using proven techniques and creating an environment that reflects the vision of the school.


Culture and Messaging

At MeTEOR we are experts at telling the powerful stories that capture your culture and bring it to life. Creating a sustainable culture around learning that activates ambition and enriches relationships drives the people that are building and learning within your school. We help uncover the stories of culture and character that set your learning experiences apart as a method of connecting parents to your school’s unique learning opportunities as they consider school choice.

Learning Services

Positive student choice is driven by the desire to have an educational experience that matches the needs of the student. As the gatekeepers of learning, teacher alignment to the charter promise is critical to the overall student experience. Maximize your environments and investment with leading experts in classroom collaboration and student-centered flexible learning. Our team of Accredited Learning Environment Planners offer support and guidance that prepare teachers to deliver on your charter promises.


The learning environment is never neutral and is a reflection of the school’s intent. It creates the first impression for parents and students and it either actively engages or acts as a barrier to a healthy learning experience. It is also the most expensive and underutilized instructional tool in any classroom. We are experts in K-12 financing and project management and our network of more than 200 supplier partners allows us access to exclusive discounts and pricing. This means you won’t overpay and have access to the same pricing and product backing as large districts.


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