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As one of the largest providers of learning environments, including furnishings and interior design services, Meteor’s focus is the integration of best practices for teaching and learning  to drive inquiry-based instruction, effective use of modern classrooms, and increased student achievement.  

We firmly believe that in order to best serve the schools we work with, we need to be members in the community. Your local Meteor team benefits from national resources and thought leadership while also providing dedicated local team support that makes a difference.

“Meteor coming in and bringing in samples, being rooted in instruction……I was really able to ask deep questions. I trusted Meteor and knew  they were leading us in a really good direction”

-Teresa Benallo, Principal 
Thunder Vista K-8

Our collaborative design team works with you to holistically design an Instructionally-sound Learning Environment™ which invites your learners to feel safe and eager to discover.

Meteor Education is your trusted guide to implementing the most dynamic and welcoming learning ecosystems.

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