Bored Kids

Are there students in your classrooms who have disengaged from the learning process?

John is a smart kid, but that’s not showing up in his grades or test scores. He’s just not engaged with the learning experience. He’s tuning out and falling behind, and you’re not sure how to help him get back on track. You can see the intelligence in his eyes, but you can’t seem to spark his curiosity or draw him out. What’s missing?

Did You Know?

“Learning engagement is not magical. it happens by design, when students ask their own questions and get to answer them. Find a student pursuing their own interest, and you will find an engaged learner.” – Kevin Baird, Chairman
Center for College & Career Readiness

Learn how to turn bored kids into inspired learners

Connecting the Learning Experience


Engage students and increase retention with active learning and inquiry-based lesson design.


Enhance collaboration with high-impact learning spaces that support full engagement across a diverse range of classroom activities.


Activate learning with integrated technology, custom-matched to your students’ learning needs and inquiry-based lesson strategy.


Empower teachers to coach throughout the classroom with spaces that mirror real-world learning and remove the barriers between teachers and students.

MeTEOR Inspired Learners Design Studio: Innovation to Engage Students by Design

Learn how to turn bored kids into inspired learners

Connecting The Dots

The Power of the Active Classroom

Active learning and teaching methods have consistently been shown to dramatically increase both student retention and attention span. In fact, active classrooms even raise kids’ attention spans after lunch!