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At MeTEOR Education, we use design thinking to create modern learning environments for high-impact learning experiences. We connect best practices for instruction with effective, integrated tools and research-driven environment design and implementation. We bring your local experts together with leading research and design-thinking professionals to create visible change for your learners and your community.

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MeTEOR supports graduate-level continuing education focused on leading research findings and best practices. You are invited to begin your MeTEOR Black Belt journey today.

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MeTEOR has helped hundreds of communities transform their schools

The Importance of Connecting the Dots

At MeTEOR, we are passionate about ensuring that every child has the chance to fulfill their potential and bring their dreams to life. We help communities discover and successfully implement an educational approach that holistically integrates methods, tools, environment, and relationships to modernize and humanize the learning experience so that it captivates and teaches the whole child.

“Too often our efforts to reform are simply too narrow in focus. Without an integrated approach, those who aspire to transform their systems will be plagued by silos and a lack of confidence from their instructional staffs that this new effort will be any more effective than the last. We want our clients to see real, visible results- thus the need for connected solutions.” – Bill Latham, MBA ALEP
CEO Meteor Education