Connecting the Dots

What do we mean by connecting the dots?

Learning outcomes depend on engaged teachers, effective instruction, appropriate tools, supportive environments, and positive relationships between teachers and kids. MeTEOR Education is the leader in connecting these elements — methods, tools, environments, and relationships for humanized, high-impact learning experiences.

A Humanized Approach

At MeTEOR Education, we partner with innovative and motivated educators to design and implement transformative learning experiences and environments. Building upon our core design principles — authentic inquiry, inclusiveness, collaboration, and respect — we guide communities through the process of connecting the dots between the four elements of education’s elusive triangle. We ask the questions that help each stakeholder understand the educational challenges and the opportunities:


How do your instructional goals and strategies align with your classroom environments, technology integration, and curriculum?


Is your classroom environment configured for high-impact learning and aligned with your methods and teaching tools?


Is your technology fully integrated as part of a common approach, or is it a less effective add-on to the classroom experience?


Is your entire team on board and using common language to move collaboratively toward your shared vision?

Our methods are powered by in-depth expertise on modern learning

The MeTEOR Design Studio

Local Expertise. Community Priorities.

Our Design Studio model brings your stakeholders and our instructional and environmental designers together to collaborate on planning initiatives which effectively address your specific needs. We build tailored teams around your core challenges — providing the exact expertise you need to transform teaching and learning experiences through improved student and teacher engagement. From our research-based needs assessment to design, implementation, and training, this comprehensive and holistic approach provides support at every stage of the process.

MeTEOR has helped hundreds of communities transform their schools

The MeTEOR Metric

How We Measure Success
The MeTEOR Metric measures the time students and teachers spend engaged after classroom period ends. When high-impact environments and experiences come together, teachers and students are inspired and engaged so they want to continue learning.