A Promise To Do More: Covenant Day School

Just south of Charlotte, North Carolina is a school that is committed to doing more, more for their students and more for those in need. Faced with crowded classrooms and a capped enrollment the decision was made to build a new high school.

While many would begin with architects or designers, the board of trustees began with the educational goals they wanted to accomplish in this new space. Collaboration, Multiple Modalities, Integrated Technology, Adaptability were paramount in the design of this space. When making the decision to work with MeTEOR Education to accomplish these goals Janet Grimmer-Kempf says, “we wanted to work with experts. So when we met with Jason (Zalewski, Learning Environment Specialist) and David (Kinley, Vice President of Sales, East) early on, in their presentation they were pretty much touching all of the hot buttons that we wanted for the school to operate in the way in which the board had envisioned.”


Covenant Day School has always been a place of academic rigor. This commitment is now combined with an environment that allows students to engage more with each other, and for teachers to experiment with new methods and tools, a combination that truly prepares their students for college and beyond.

Their commitment to education includes character building, as evidence by their “ContainIt” program. Students design and transform shipping containers into sustainable housing. These homes are then delivered to the Lakota Indian Reservation in South Dakota. This year they will deliver 3 such containers.

Covenant Day School and MeTEOR Education partnered to create a world-class environment that gives their students an edge when preparing for higher education. In the words of Joel Uecker, High School Principal, “We are not just working to accomplish our vision today, but we are thinking about future generations as well.”